Tecsint VRX

Greater Compactness
More Color intensity
More Thickness

Il TECSINT VRX it is more suitable for vegetable or semi-vegetable retanning, giving excellent results on finished articles.

TECSINT VRX can be used as TECSINT VRP, although it produces different characteristics, since it achieves the best performance when used on chrome tanned leather that undergoes vegetable retanning.

It can be used together with vegetable tannins, increasing exhaustion and dispersion, and contributing to a pure vegetable effect with a very fine, smooth and reactive grain, without compromising its fullness.

Another use of the TECSINT VRX it is in all split retanning, where, used in percentages from 3% to 5% at the end of neutralization or in a new bath before fatliquoring, we will have an excellent closure, excellent sandability without degradation of the dyes. It can also be used on suede velor split dyes worked in two stages, giving an equalizing effect if applied before dyeing and rotated for about ten minutes.

TECSINT VRX it gives rise to leathers that are easily refinishable as they do not affect absorption. From the various tests carried out on various types of leather with different raw materials, it has been verified that the use of this retanning agent together with the other polymers of the VR line can, in some specific cases, lead to an increase in surface area of ​​up to 15%. or at least, no drops were found after the various scissoring or drumming phases.

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