Tecsint VRP

Greater Compactness
More Color intensity
More Thickness

Natural powdered polymers specially modified to be more similar to the skin, which interact differently with the collagen fibers depending on the parameters they find in the bath.

Il TECSINT VRP It is used both in all chrome retanning, from pure aniline leather to patent leather, and on vegetable tanned leathers where the thickness of the leather is to be maintained or increased.

Il TECSINT VRP if used in percentages from 2% to 4% as a retanning agent before chrome, it gives the leather compactness and grain, increases the exhaustion of chrome in the baths and allows for fuller leather to be obtained.

If used as a syntan for retanning after neutralisation in a dosage of 4%-8% it creates a very firm, compact and full split. It is particularly suitable for rawhides which tend to have an overly elastic grain and weak sides; at the same time, it also enhances colour fastness and the application of the finishing. 

In a dosage of 4%-10% in vegetable tanning or retanning, the leather appears firmer and more compact, with an excellent filling and it will also be possible to decrease the vegetable natural tannin of a few percentage points; by increasing the affinity with the dyes, the baths are increasingly exhausted and the dyes are richer and brighter compared to traditional methods, which, on the contrary, produce dull colours.

Various tests show that on sheep leather all the features listed above are amplified, and on spongy leather we can observe an excellent filling effect even after drumming, as well as a perfect grain. This means that in the following finishing phase the grain is not too wide and there are no marks left by drumming.<br> TECSINT VRP produce leather that is easy to finish because it do not affect absorption. From the several tests performed on various types of leathers of different thicknesses, we have noticed that when the retanning agent is used together with other polymers of the VR line, in some specific cases, the surface increases by up to 15% and there are no decreases after the trimming or drumming phases.

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