Tecsint PSO

Greater Uniformity
Less vein effect

Liquid natural polymers, specially modified to be more similar to the skin, which interact selectively with collagen fibers depending on the parameters they find in the bath and on the skin. 

Il TECSINT PSO It is also used in the coastal phase while the TECSINT PSOM it is more suitable for the retanning and dyeing phase; Let's now see the different use cases and the various features.

TECSINT PSO it can be used in various percentages depending on the origin, size and raw material, in the greening of fur leathers where it increases the humectant phase of the water, improving the spreading of the leather almost as if to give a relaxing effect to the fibres.

If used at the end of pickling before adding chromium, it produces a finer grain break and increased filling; after the wet-blue splitting process, we achieve excellent compactness, fullness and a significant reduction of the veins on the leather.

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