Tecsint DS

Better color fixation

TECSINT DS liq has a special composition that makes it unique in its use: we can define it as the superior aniline fixer as it has an excellent result on chrome, managing to completely fix the dyes, without giving bronzing or cationization effects which lead to bleeding on the surface ; Furthermore, it significantly increases resistance to both dry and wet rubbing.

But the peculiarity of the TECSINT DS liquid. it is its ability to fix the dyes in vegetable retanning giving the same effect as on a chrome retanning; its special composition means that the dyes also find affinity with vegetable tanned fibres, preventing oxidation effects from unfixed dye and leaving exhausted baths.

IIt should be used as any other fixative.<BR> For further information, please contact our technical staff, who will be glad to provide you with a detailed description of the product.

Created with a low environmental impact so there are no voc or formaldehyde values.

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