Fast ReTanning

Fast ReTanning® is a revolutionary process which, in a much shorter time than a traditional retanning process, allows considerable savings in economic terms and resources while maintaining the quality of the final product.

Revolution in the Tannery

With our unique fast re-tanning process you can work in an efficient and time saving manner.You can make all the required items saving time, money and natural resources.

This is the perfect solution for your just-in-time production, using eco-sustainable products.

Less Time

Do you know that you can produce excellent quality leather in just four hours of retanning?

The time you can save has a couple of advantages for you. Less working time, means a possibility to increase production, maximizing the outcome of a working day.

Less Energy

Less working time, means a reduction of energy consumed, which is not only much more sustainable, but also leads to a reduction of costs.

Less water consumption

Less working time, means a lower amount of water used, which is good for the environment and for reducing production costs.

Lower chromium content

Our Fast-Retanning enables you to reduce the amount of chrome (<3%) and helps you to achieve your future goal of a zero-impact tannery.

It is in the interest of all of us to achieve this goal and tackle environmental and economic sustainability of your company

For all types of leather

Our process enables you to obtain same quality leather in an efficient way and to use it for the production of any kind of article and finishing.

It is a true revolution for the world of tanning!