It is a powder of natural polymers which have been specially modified to be more similar to the leather and they interact with collagen fibres in different ways depending on the parameters of the tanning bath.

TECSINT VRP is used for all types of chrome retanning, including pure aniline leather and patent leather, as well as for vegetable tanned leather when you wish to maintain or increase leather thickness.

TECSINT VRX is more suitable for vegetable or semi-vegetable retanning and it leads to excellent results on the finished product.

If TECSINT VRP is used as a retanner before chromium in a dosage of 2-4%, it gives a uniform thickness and a full grain finish to the hide, and it favours the exhaustion of chromium in the tanning baths, thus enabling to obtain a fuller leather. If used as a syntan for retanning after neutralisation in a dosage of 4%-8% it creates a very firm, compact and full split. It is particularly suitable for rawhides which tend to have an overly elastic grain and weak sides; at the same time, it also enhances colour fastness and the application of the finishing.
In a dosage of 4%-10% in vegetable tanning or retanning, the leather appears firmer and more compact, with an excellent filling and it will also be possible to decrease the vegetable natural tannin of a few percentage points; by increasing the affinity with the dyes, the baths are increasingly exhausted and the dyes are richer and brighter compared to traditional methods, which, on the contrary, produce dull colours. Various tests show that on sheep leather all the features listed above are amplified, and on spongy leather we can observe an excellent filling effect even after drumming, as well as a perfect grain. This means that in the following finishing phase the grain is not too wide and there are no marks left by drumming.

TECSINT VRX can be used as TECSINT VRP, although it produces different characteristics, since it achieves the best performance when used on chrome tanned leather that undergoes vegetable retanning. It can be used together with vegetable tannins, increasing exhaustion and dispersion, and contributing to a pure vegetable effect with a very fine, smooth and reactive grain, without compromising its fullness. TECSINT VRX can also be used for all types of split retanning, where, used in a dose of 3%-5% at the end of neutralisation or in a new bath before fatliquoring, it produces excellent tightness of grain and optimal embossing without degradation of the dyes. It can also be used on the dyes of suede velour splits processed in two stages, producing a levelling effect if applied before dyeing and placed to rotate for about ten minutes.