features a special composition that makes it unique. We can define it a superior aniline fixator, since it has obtained excellent results on chromium, managing to achieve the full fixation of the dyes, without causing bronzing or cationization effects that make the surface fade; in addition, it significantly increases its resistance to dry and wet rubbing.
The peculiarity of TECSINT DS liq. is its capacity of fixing dyes in vegetable retanning, producing the same result as with chrome retanning; thanks to its special composition, the dyes perfectly combine with the vegetable tanned fibres, preventing oxidation effects of not fixed dyes and exhausting tanning baths. It should be used as any other fixative. For further information, please contact our technical staff, who will be glad to provide you with a detailed description of the product.

is a special finishing product, specifically designed to increase resistance to dry and wet rubbing, at the same time, maintaining or slightly changing the texture of leather and its velvet effect; it is suitable for using on nubuck and suede leather of any type and origin.
Its special combination enables it to be used as an auxiliary dye alone or in combination with aniline or pigment dyes, in order to increase and/or correct the dyes. To learn how to apply the product, please contact our technical staff who will be glad to provide you with detailed information.