PROOFOIL WC is a new, entirely synthetic silicon fatliquor designed for the production of waterproof and washable leather. This unique fatliquor imparts a medium-high level of suppleness and a soft handle. It is exceptionally resistant to water and perspiration, providing optimal results in standard waterproof tests such as Bally and Meiser. It can either be used as a washable or high-performance waterproofing fatliquor.

TECNOIL S32 is a compound of low-molecular-weight synthetic phosphoric esters, which is suitable for use on all types of retanning and leather. Hides fatliquored with TECNOIL S32 feature excellent suppleness and a lightweight character, and its special composition spreads the natural grease on the hide surface, ensuring a uniform appearance.

TECNOIL RMK EXTRA is a balanced combination of synthetic oils featuring low molecular weight. It is particularly suitable for the production of lightweight garment and gloves leather or floater leather and tumbled calfskin nappa. When used in chrome tanning baths, it fixates with chromium, increasing the suppleness and fullness of the hide and achieving a pre-fatliquoring effect.