When research and development work in synergy, results arrive quickly and this is how we operate at Tecnochimica S.p.A. in Castelfranco di Sotto. From the research of new polymers which make dyes brighter and provide excellent stretching, resulting in greater measurements, we have switched to a compound of resins and synthetic products that make hide extremely white and resistant without the use of pigments.
The features are many—you can obtain fine grain hide and lacquered hide which, thanks to its extremely uniform surface almost looks as if it has been finished. Faults are concealed and dyes are clean and exhausted. Finally, this retanning process produces hide of an increased lightweight character compared to standard processes.
Hides in the finishing stage have a good absorption capacity and a high resistance to printing.
Instead of becoming grey they are clean and bright, especially if tretated with fluorescent or pastel colours. In addition, our retanning system is eco-friendly and tanning baths are exhausted with lower levels of sulphates and cod than those required by the various bodies of water purification.