As a result of our heritage of excellence in research, innovation and skills, our production system allows us to offer a wide range of auxiliaries for leather processing, from the beamhouse and wet-end phases, to the finishing.

We have managed to establish a relationship of exclusivity and competence with the tanneries, proving to be a reliable partner, capable of respecting the industrial identity and production personalisation of each customer, while supplying new generation products and application systems for ensuring the most effective solution in line with all pre-set demands and objectives.

Thanks to using Tecnochimica products, tanneries can obtain qualitative and repeatable benefits, in compliance with the specifications requested by customers for the leather intended for the manufacturing industry, guaranteed by a rigorous quality management system allowing for total control over the entire production process which is performed by highly qualified technical personnel.

With our establishment in the new plant and the consequent centralisation of the production, warehouse and logistics management, our company has further improved our reaction capacity for supporting the commercial network, with a complete organisational structure that guarantees customers absolute consistency of the quality standards and rapid delivery of orders, often requested in an immediate manner.