Tecnochimica SpA

A company specialized in the production and sale of leather chemicals, Tecnochimica SpA has established itself on the international markets thanks to a complete product range, including syntans, resins, oils and fatliquors, liming agents, dyes and finishing products

The administrative and commercial offices have now been relocated in the new plant, inaugurated in 2016, while the wet-end and finishing application laboratories have been enlarged and a new raw material storage area has been implemented.

The production and logistics phases have remained in the historic building next door, and the analytical chemical laboratory has been set up with new instruments, thanks to which the highly qualified technical staff carry out precise controls of the incoming raw materials and the formulations intended for the market.

Our chemicals can really change your sustainability goals. Competence, constant research and development and the traceability of our products are essential for a truly sustainable leather production.

Are you advertising traceable leathers and leather goods? Where are your chemicals produced? We can help you achieve true traceability and transparency in production by using our SYPLINE range of sustainable and traceable products.

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